US NGOs warn about the risks of a future UK-US trade deal

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    As US authorities commence preparations for a possible future trade deal with UK, stakeholders have been invited to submit their comments. Among the 133 responses, several came from US NGOs. 

    The Sierra Club highlighted the negative impacts trade agreements have had on communities and environment, pushing for a different approach this time. Their main asks concern transparency standards for the negotiations, in requesting US authorities to make public their proposals and promote stakeholder involvement along the process. The environmental organisation also positioned itself against the investor-state dispute settlement system, said to be favourable to corporations that systematically challenge environmental and health standards in arbitral tribunals.

    Along with the Sierra Club, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) stressed that a future trade deal must include a strong environmental section. IFAW insisted on the need of addressing marine conservation and providing mechanisms and funds for limiting wildlife trafficking. They also stated that the prospects of a deal should not seek to undermine UK standards, such as those relating to agricultural and pharmaceutical products tested on animals, which are more advanced than many US laws and regulations.

    The Sierra Club’s comments on a future US – UK trade deal
    International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) comments on a future US – UK trade deal
    List of 133 replies to the public consultation

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