Synergies between Effort Sharing & Energy Savings
    509 726 Almut Bonhage

    The new 55% climate target will bring major revisions of the EU’s energy and climate laws. Quite opposing policy options…

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    Roadmap Citizen-led Renovation
    A Roadmap on how to develop Citizen-led Renovation
    608 747 Almut Bonhage

    Citizen-led Renovation aims to boost the demand for residential energy renovations by mobilising citizen participation, a concept developed by and Stefan Scheuer Consulting.

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    Negotiating directives for a new partnership with the UK
    545 824 ioana bere

    This piece aims to present and analyse the main features of the negotiating directives for a new partnership with the…

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    EED Article 7 and energy taxes
    Closing the loopholes – Assessment of the potential impact of tax measures on energy savings claimed under Article 7 of the EED
    582 827 Almut Bonhage

    Several studies have shown that energy and carbon taxes play an important role in many Member States for meeting their…

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    Energy Efficiency First
    From a policy win to sound national plans – Part II: eight country stories
    444 629 ioana bere

    The EU’s new Governance rules for climate and energy policies from 2018 raised expectations for a better and more integrated…

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    Energy Efficiency First
    Energy Efficiency First – from a policy win to sound plans
    444 629 Almut Bonhage

    With the Energy Union Governance, Member States are required to use a common analytical basis to set their energy targets…

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    2018 energy savings Art 7
    Energy Efficiency Directive Art 7: Assessment of national progress (2018)
    536 677 Almut Bonhage

    Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive requires Member States to put in place energy efficiency measures to deliver annual…

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    Energy Atlas 2018: Figures and Facts about Renewables in Europe
    633 893 Almut Bonhage

    Heinrich Boell Foundation in cooperation with the Green European Foundation, European Renewable Energies Federation and Le Monde Diplomatique publishes the…

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    The EU’s energy system modelling – critique and recommendations
    577 818 Almut Bonhage

    There is a long history of criticising the PRIMES modelling and impact assessments by the European Commission, going back to…

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