Energy Efficiency - Art 7 - national progress reports
    Energy Efficiency Directive Art 7: Assessment of national progress (2017)
    619 718 Almut Bonhage

    The Energy Efficiency Directive sets a requirement for Member States to put in place policies and measures to deliver each…

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    Enlightening Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive
    Enlightening Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive
    725 1024 Almut Bonhage

    Impacts of loopholes, lack of clarity and weak implementation on the delivery of energy savings under Article 7 of the…

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    Energy Efficiency Directive
    The Energy Efficiency Directive and emissions reductions
    724 1024 Almut Bonhage

    Analysis by Stefan Scheuer Consulting shows that new and additional energy savings resulting from an extension of the most important…

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    Study on Existing and Future EU Water Legislation
    549 777 Almut Bonhage

    Upon request of MEPs, members of the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI), the European Parliament’s Directorate-General…

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    EU EED: Guidebook for Strong Implementation
    235 300 Almut Bonhage

    The European Union has three climate and energy targets to be reached before 2020: a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas…

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    Energy efficency: How effective are public suport schemes?
    514 733 Almut Bonhage

    Brochure based on the study “Comparative study on the effectiveness of public support for energy efficiency investments in the European…

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