Negotiating directives for a new partnership with the UK

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    This piece aims to present and analyse the main features of the negotiating directives for a new partnership with the UK, while also comparing them to those proposed back in 2009 for Canada, respectively in 2017 for Australia (the preferred options of Prime Minister Johnson). There is no agreement concluded yet with Australia, but this text considers the negotiating directives with Australia reflect the level of ambition Prime minister Johnson intends to go for, and are thus relevant for the analysis.

    Disclaimer: this document only looks at the draft negotiating mandates proposed by the European Commission, and not the negotiation mandates adopted by the Council (for Australia and Canada), final deal agreed with Canada or the current form of the chapters under negotiation now with Australia.

    Ioana Bere, Consultant at Stefan Scheuer Consulting
    Support from Stefan Scheuer, Director at Stefan Scheuer Consulting


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