US pressures UK to diverge from EU standards

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    (27 November 2019) Leaked confidential documents of UK – US trade working group meetings over the last 30 months give new insights into how the US is pushing the UK to divert from EU regulatory approaches and standards.

    The papers show the US prefers a regulatory autonomous UK post-Brexit. Rolling back EU legislation would facilitate future alignment with the US regulatory system, and would also suit US business interests. During these meetings, US trade representatives highlighted the “philosophical difference” between the US and EU approaches to food and environmental regulations. The US is also allegedly threatening to refuse any future trade agreement with the UK if it agrees to remain aligned with the EU. It is made clear in the papers that any mention of climate change cannot be included in a future UK – US trade deal. Additionally, US officials apparently advised UK trade negotiators on how to publicly “sell” the idea of chlorinated chicken to British customers.

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