Toxic-free for EU, a new briefing on chemical regulatory affairs

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    Toxic-free for EU is a new weekly briefing on EU politics and chemical regulatory affairs, brought to you by CHEM Trust.

    Chemicals policies are moving into the limelight as the European Commission is expected to publish next year a proposal for revising the main EU chemicals law, REACH. This proposal shall then move to the European Parliament and Council.

    At the centre of the Commission’s reform plans are new regulatory instruments to ensure everyday consumer products are free from the most harmful chemicals. It includes the first revision ever of the REACH regulation from 2006 and the updating of the laws on classifying chemicals to introduce new hazard classes for hormone disrupting and chemicals that create persistent pollution.

    The process of creating the EU’s modern REACH chemicals rules was very controversial twenty years ago. We expect something similar this time around.

    With this weekly briefing, we intend to provide orientation and guidance through the upcoming decision-making procedures on these revised laws. We will report on proposals, positions, arguments and solutions on how to achieve an effective and efficient legal framework for toxic-free products in Europe.

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